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Nova[e] & Cookies

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008



what men fear most
but must conquer
“robe of flesh pink”

“night shade”


I have in me a thousand shameless
mouths, leather to harness the earth

still in its stance

& this pudendal

soothes the aching brims


overflowed once

& stretched that spit of fire
to the farthest ear lobe



I shake with fever
the nectar drippings’ river gush
lapped-up thatches
thickened with hunger

barbarity to this be sucked [w]hole
while soothed into stand-still

through dust, rain water,
a satellite tongue
slithering with neurons--

thrusts heavily punctuated

then placated


we’re all related to the flesh
& harbor our deepest regrets
inside her cunt

sans delectation

sans temperance

may we visit nocturnally
& sleep carnally

where injuries grow full
with our swollen bellies

Monday, December 1, 2008


you taught the bone-sparrow love
how then to feel its fragile neck crack

a thousand splinters etch a breath
& is cooled; a gentle swathing


before reduced to erratic, the confines
of the palms in tremor

each time

you mention the warmth

of the sea spray on your thigh
your spine arched back to envelope the sun

I grow dizzy wonderment
in my gut, where you reside

here, there

& warm


I mistakenly place the rose bud
in a cup of brine & sweat & our secreted


hoping it would grow, if just, if not
the thought of us wilts & withers

into the ocean's
temporal clutch


& before us
a bird shall break into chorus
as if the last swallow of tune
would be enough to resurrect us

through dirge

the muted codas
of our beating hearts