Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruth: Polaroid/Roman/Photo

Woman voice:

film, impressionable, small bubbles unconsolable
I'm not aged to be wise like an image (in french the expression
to be as good as gold goes to be wise like an image)
too bad too bad, too bad
you know I am, so sensitive to the light of the inaccessible,
before your zoom lens, put a pink filter if you want if you want... me to pose.
3 little turns in your retina, for your white intimate night
but it's you who put the words in bubbles, somnambulist.

Man voice :

Polaroid, photo story, loving sentimental flashes,
humanooid, incognito, impossible love and mellow

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Currently Reading

Skunk Cabbage

No bloodroot yet,
no crocus.
Only the bad breath boiling
skatole and cadaverine,
drawing cold bees
to the furnace in the shroud,
warming rigid honey
with the hot sweet stench of spring.

Fresh Pressed...

The new Indefinite Space 2010 is out now, featuring works by:

aviva englander cristy, felino soriano, jane thompson
ranjani murali, matina l. stamatakis, derek henderson
will morris, sarah ahmad, caitlyn paley
john hocter, kristen ravel, crag hill, doug bolling
matthew joy, william garvin, john cross
nico vassilakis, ursula ziegler, kat dixon
talia reed, caitlin johnson, rebecca mertz
guy r. beining, marina blokker, jeanne shannon
andrew topel & scott helmes, peter layton, twixt
david spiering, melissa cannon, dorothee lang

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


[observing clouds through cracked glass]

I examined, by


& danced

ever madder thus

[a] slight intoxication,

of the “splitting-cell”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Last Vispo at Common Ground Art Gallery

in conjunction with
RAMPIKE Magazine
Very Proudly Present


: selections from the upcoming anthology

edited by Crag Hill and Nico Vassilakis

(This selection compiled by Volker Nix)

Opening reception: Saturday, March 13th, 2010, Windsor, Ontario

Exhibition runs until April 10th, 2010


Way back in 2008, American writers Crag Hill and Nico Vassilakis put out a world wide call for submissions for an upcoming anthology of visual poetry. Slowly, in the two intervening years, a 300 page book of such work has been brought together which covers the decade between 1998 and 2008, and features well over 125 different seasoned and emerging writer/artists from around the world. Cut to March of 2010; while these intrepid editors are busily shopping this gargantuan (and very colourful) manuscript around to an array of would-be publishers, Common Ground Art Gallery of Windsor Ontario has jumped at the opportunity to be the first gallery in Canada to exhibit a sneak peak at what these editors are hoping to see published sometime later this year.

Haven't the foggiest notion as to what The Last Vispo is? Should you find yourself in the area, there's no quicker way to answer that question for yourself by attending the reception we are holding in honour of the many artists, writers and editors who have all profoundly contributed to the curious phenomenon of visual poetry; a veritable black sheep on the landscape of our language arts. So come on down to Common Ground the evening of Saturday March 13th beginning at 7 pm and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

The following artists from The Last Vispo have works currently on display in the gallery:

mIEKAL AND (U.S.A.), Hartmut Andryczuk (Germany), Petra Backonja (U.S.A.), Michael Basinski (U.S.A.), Guy R. Beining (U.S.A.), Marc Bell & Jason McLean (Canada), John M. Bennett (U.S.A.), Carla Bertola (Italy), Jaap Blonk (Holland), Chrisitan Bok (Canada), Daniel f. Bradley (Canada), Nancy Burr (U.S.A.), Mike Cannell (England), David Baptiste Chirot (U.S.A.), Jo Cook (Canada), Judith Copithorne (Canada), Klaus Peter Dencker (Germany), Brian Dettmer (U.S.A.), Fabio Doctorovich (Argentina), Maria Damon (U.S.A.), Amanda Earl (Canada), Shayne Ehman (Canada), Greg Evason (Canada), Oded Ezer (Israel), Luc Firens (Belgium), Angela Genusa (U.S.A.), Jesse Glass (Japan), Robert Grenier (U.S.A.), Bob Grumman (U.S.A.), Scott Helmes (U.S.A.), Geof Huth (U.S.A.), Serkan Isin (Turkey), Michael Jacobson (U.S.A.), Karl Jirgens (Canada), Alexander Jorgensen (U.S.A.), Chris Joseph (England), Joe Keppler (U.S.A.), Dirk Krecker (Germany), Edward Kuleman (Russia), Jim Leftwich (U.S.A.), Troy Lloyd (U.S.A.), Carlos M. Luis (U.S.A.), Jeurgen O. Olbrich (Germany), Sonja Ahlers (Canada), Donato Mancini (Canada), Cy Machina (Canada), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), Marko Niemi (Finland), Rea Nikonova (Russia), Christopher Olsen (Canada), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Michael Peters (U.S.A.), Nick Piombino (U.S.A.), Ross Priddle (Canada), e.g. vajda (U.S.A.), Marilyn Rosenberg (U.S.A.), Jenny Sampirisi (Canada), Suzan Sari (Turkey), Serge Segay (Russia), Douglas Spangle (U.S.A.), Litsa Spathi (Greece), Pete Spence (Australia), Matina Stamatakis (U.S.A.), Miroljub Todorovic (Serbia), Cecil Touchon (U.S.A.), Aysegul Tozeren (Turkey), Stephen Vincent (U.S.A.), Reid Wood (U.S.A.) and James Yeary (U.S.A.). -- ENOUGH ! ENOUGH !

But wait, that's not all !

Karl Jirgens, editor of Rampike Magazine (since 1979!) and former Head of the English Department at the University of Windsor currently on sabbatical, (and ALSO one of two local Windsorites whose work will be featured in this upcoming anthology), had the fortuitous good fortune to choose this exact time to bring out his latest issue of RAMPIKE Magazine; an issue coincidentally devoted entirely to the musings of visual poetry, at that! So, in conjunction with this special exhibition featuring selections from The Last Vispo, Karl has very generously offered to bring a stack of the newly minted visual poetry issue of RAMPIKE to the reception to be given away free to all interested parties who attend this reception. So if you don't know what Vispo is, this exhibition of selections from The Last Vispo coupled with the latest issue of Rampike Magazine will certainly go a long way in furnishing a very concrete example for your edification, amusement and enjoyment !

Furthermore, (if poetry is not your thing and you're more easily given over to pursuits of the boogie woogie kind) local artist/musican KERO, featured on the cover of this issue of RAMPIKE, will provide his unique post-electronic musical stylings at some point during the course of the evening.

This, as with all Common Ground events, is FREE and OPEN to the public.

3277 Sandwich St.
Windsor, Ontario
N9C 1A9


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Homage all fearless women

Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Lydia Lunch & Kathy Acker

Cosi Fanni Tutti

Sasha Grey

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Traditions Lost to the New Age

Language is an art embraced through ancestry. If we forget
our ancestry, we forget the word, becoming foreigners of our own tongues