Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Slice of Engagement

from the ChongDong Misfits

The celestial body of dawn stretches on the front of the clitoris extension.Trail of gun compatriot bitter cold hypothalami maggot. Be smooth and make wet. The sweat sucks released. A dreamer does not wish to wake. But dream. Obliquely. Never wake up. Rebirth-degenerate. Oppressor of optical phantasmagoriae. Traces of chubby larvae of hypothalamuses. Slithery liquid. Lymphogranuloma stomach. Eye-speckled with the trichoid vessels of explosion. Be still.

Hailey embraces her lover of morning, Chin-Mae, who portrays a familiar vegetation of flesh in the prepuce. Turns inside a rape-fist. A slice of her beet-red heart. Gunmetal labia strains outside body. Reveals teeth of razors. In the moon. Hailey meets his nicotine-yellow eyes. A fuck beyond drowse.

[[Shakyamuni. 1998. Forest Milkweed. Untidy. Rest of Buddha rest. Golden hills. 1954. Deep-red sparrow. Development brain-body. Bubonic increase. Non-processed communication. Dwarf-machine. Code of barriers. Report under node. Node. Node. Flower Lotus (2). Blue moon. Dawn. Time and existence. Functional node. Behold: X crossroads. Cold war. Short war. Freeze. Spoiled blur of vision. Gwangju. Youth. Nuclear death. The flag. Proof of life. Existence. Transience. Prototype. Last breathing. Mental conflict. Cube. Future test production. Malformed foetus. Protest of soul. Reception. Eye. Eye--reception]] Hailey measures the scrotal drip from
Chin-Mae frolicsome. Her way in inches to his anus. MMMM Licks his mucus-wet lips.

I got should skull fuck you. [Promises. Promises.]

Hailey enjoys danger in the eyes of Chin-Mae. A drill from the toolbox seized giving to her lover. Masturbates vigorously a soggy tube of eye with his turned fingers. Ah! Take on your knees! It compels. Hunches under. Kisses the ground with her naked knees. While Hailey is on her knees, it portrays Chin-Mae as Kim Jung IL. Twat her with balisong. Deeper. Deeper. The buckle and jolt her legs. It bites the nipples far. A current of rosy blood flows late outside her milkless breasts.

Hailey prompts his penis of scissors in her head and turns deeper. Her eyes tremble also faint in sync with member. Crescendo: squiissshh-squassshh-squish. After some time, it pulls his sopping Dick from her head.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Months After Departure

the ghost-air betwixt tangled lovers

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fireside Punk

contact sheet of Fireside--a punk club in Chicago
which used to be a bowling alley

This image is for a forthcoming collaborative book
between myself and Kane X. Faucher, titled [+!].

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Change of Scenery

I've decided to get rid of my photography blog, Imagescrap[e]. All of my photographs are now archived on my flickr page.

Happy viewing!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Occluded Face

by Matina L. Stamatakis and Douglas A. Just

from the core erupted a fluid which pulls the tensile urge

hungered to wetted skin, dented palm asphalt textures

incused back

yellow blends with black, reflected

[what murk adheres? Caresses the subsonic?]

huddled in wretched swaths, exacerbated

in alleyways of piss

--in excreted bile

lust is bone & dirty fingers;

a poverty eking life

in the synchronous constriction of locked lips

your nit is ill

in aurae constrained, grown of inbred


hard, a carved face, colossus of animal

into you I thrust, instinctual