Thursday, January 24, 2008

News/ Quick Ramble

New poem up in P.F.S. Post: Naked(for Mona Mur)

Still waiting for the unveiling of the next issue of La Petite Zine. From what I've been told, it will go live before the AWP conference.

In other news, Venereal Kittens has gone through a massive transformation over the past month. There is a new line-up of poets, visual artists, and even noise artists.

Now for a quick ramble.

It seems, in this great world of poetry and self-expression though the arts, things are labeled "po". We have "vispo", "po-mo" "po po". But one with we do not have is "noisepo". Why not? Noise can be a form of poetic expression just like visual art.

I'm going to start a movement. We already have sound poetry. But noise poetry? Can noise be poetry?

It'd be interesting to start this movement, but, quite frankly, I could give a rat's scrotum about selling the message. Everything from the School of PO can be thrown into one category: experimental. If we called everything experimental, sure, we'd confuse those people who rely on labels as a means to being different (or grouped accordingly). Maybe that's what is needed? Confusion. Mass confusion, even better.

Which is why I'm burying the whole "noisepo" idea. Along with the whole "pornpo" idea.


Anonymous said...
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evilmatik said...

mass hallucination is what we need.

no, pornpo is cool, cheap entertainment, u know. I am gonna start a movement called Save Pornpo.

people can label anything, but you have a choice to create something that cannot to be labeled. well, yeah, that may just create mass confusion. cool!

Matina L. Stamatakis said...


Robert said...

Demon is the originator of porn-po, i feel

all hail the Demon, then get down and deconstructify Peter North's jism streams!

Angela, thanks for reminding me of those amazing resources

you rule the borposphere!

fuck movements before they fuck you!

ViLT - NKdeE said...

po be unpe to po as
po is peon to mo po

unpe be mo
peon be mo


drone po be po(po) //yeah
pone sive popo(po) //pee

omne in po sit po //aha
qua po (ans) //shuck


Philip Jenks said...

Oh, little did you know the Power of Pornpo! "Never underestimate the power of p.." and discharge 4 is only the beginning bruhahahaha