Friday, February 1, 2008

New Works

3 images La Petite Zine
1 poem epidermis

and....drumroll, please...

my chapbook ek-ae: a journey into ekphrastic aesthetics is now up as an e-book courtesy of Dusie press w/ special thanks to Susana Gardner for masterminding such a wonderful project. Over the past couple of months I've received many (too many to list here) amazing hand-made chapbooks, which have had me running to the mailbox in anticipation. Sad to say that there are more bills than books now that the Kollektiv is coming to an end. But there is always next year!

As for ek-ae, I'm extremely excited about this, as this is the first time these poems will be shared outside the Dusie Kollektiv. Hurrah~! If you requested (and have not received) a copy please bear with me. I hope to send them out...hopefully...if/when life slows down a bit. They should look a bit more professional now, since I've had some time to take up binding.


Ruela said...

kudos for matina

Matina L. Stamatakis said...

Thanks, Ruela!

Robert said...


you know if i had an address, id be wanting a hard copy like last week

go Matina, go!!!!

Anonymous said...

must add my spanking here too!
SHOUT OUT to Matina,
you're spankin' us all_

this really goes up in flames, hotdamn_