Thursday, June 5, 2008

Robert Chrysler & Philip Jenks

Every Exit Impossible to Imagine With Wings by Robert Chrysler

A book of pulsing liturgies, disharmonic vagaries--the smell of semen and panting. A glimmer of foreign tongues pressed against elegant margins. Here is where angels are sweetened with sharp glass, exposed ribs twitch sex-trembling against the bulging calm both abyssal and blood-letting.

My First Painting will be "The Accuser" by Philip Jenks

Book of hysterectonomical drippings seething in animal foeti, fossilized hymns, thick mists disturbed by skin-on-skin-- disappearing into shattered aetherwomb; a lover's thick placenta greased with revelation hydrae. Here injured bodies transform into quiet bruises, turn into verses of water and life. Death redefined in ritual living.


Robert said...

gosh Matina, your review is better than anything in the book

thanks so much, man!

(cool cover-art, too, eh????) :D

Matina L. Stamatakis said...


thank you! your book rocks so much--it's the least I could do. ;-)

Philip Jenks said...

Robert said it best, so same applies here - which is to say then that your comments are better than anything in my book and that Robert's comments supersede my inept prose.

I'm not surprised though, given the caliber of your incredible work. At the end, it's an honor for my work to be considered by you.

Ruela said...

kudos for robert ;)