Monday, October 13, 2008

VK and others

Am thinking about the future of Venereal Kittens--reflecting, too, on the past. Hoping to build something culturally "explosive"--yet not trying to, as if trying would be too obvious and not urge mystification, but treat it, rather, like a pawn of intentionality.

There is an exchange of poetic and artistic appreciation as of late. Thinking of those who are true inspirations and ground-breakers. The post-borpists (huh?), the Dischargists(say what?), the -ists and beyond, and just the ones that remain anonymous-ists (and rather like it!). We are all connected. To be without movement is to be without.

Please stay tuned for work from two amazing artists Samit Roy and Alexander Jorgensen. I am pleased, beyond pleased to be featuring their works in VK, and look forward to future correspondences & possible collaborations. There's so much to explore! And, so, look forward to sharing.


Kevin Doran said...
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Matina L. Stamatakis said...

You bum me out, man. Hag! Just kidding. Off to respond to your e-mail. Yes, it's taken longer than usual. GRrRr