Tuesday, November 25, 2008


for Leonid Yeske

distance shadows another dimension

a sea cerulean; subterranean

could be seen for miles

or in body, a profundity so deep

it stretches beyond territory


dripping sweat & where it left

yellowed stains on my pillow

of time & where you kissed

calming lips;

a parted bliss

so sure of their existence

to be much more than pulse;

a spark

in the form of utterance

I’ve dreamt of gliding

back into the vortex

of your thoughts;

a thrashing wave

ever unsettled--

where memory grows

more intense at 3am

thinking of delicate notes

that come undone

on tongue

fall back to where

you blanket me

so coolly


in a cocoon of arms

& hymnodies


close lips & closer skin

thinking of stillness

on the ridge

of a mountain


like that of some shapeless

sea-green anemone

or a word that reaches you

through Morse

the wearied beat

of my heart

as it tries to elide

the thought

of losing you

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