Sunday, April 5, 2009

Forthcoming Publications

I find myself pecking away at Selby's List, and not really finding much to submit to that I haven't already submitted to before. There are a number of vispo/experimental mags, but the number is quite low. So what does one do when the pickings are slim? What can one do? Start a book, probably. I'm still in the process. It's an arduous process, to say the least. I am currently working on a small chapbook of theme-based poetry, and it is proving to be quite the project. I may be over-thinking it, or not thinking enough. I find myself stuck on the purpose of writing this work, stuck on making it "perfect" and intentional...maybe I should just say fuck it and do whatever. Eventually it will come out the way it is meant to be.

Aside from all of that drama, here are a couple magazines I will be in soon.

Siren (artwork)
Big Bridge (poetry)
Drunken Boat (artwork)
Pinstripe Fedora (poetry)
Indefinite Space (poetry)

2009 is turning into one exciting year. I look forward to the future.


Robert said...

as one look at my blogs today will tell you, this pisses me off

Ray Succre said...

Things are getting weird, I think. Running around the SP like chickens with our heads cut off but for some bizarre reason, we just won't bleed out and can run for fucking ever.

Well, with not much of an up, there's always more left and right, I suppose. More here. More there.

What's that Journey song? "Don't Stop Believin'"? I've decided I'm just going to live in that hokey, cheese-streaked song like a little hermit crab in his crusty shell.

Matina L. Stamatakis said...

Rob, I just want to clarify something pertaining to publications. I do get requests from editors from time to time, and even had one request for a chapbook well as requests for book covers. I guess, it's not so much the fact that I'm not at "star status" now, with editors busting down my doors for submissions (ack! scary thought) but it's more the fact that I'm a picky person who is getting frustrated because there are not a lot of quality experimental mags available (this is not to sound pretentious--it's just a fact).

My worry is choosing to do books over submitting to magazines. I love magazines; love being part of a group of exciting writers and artists, sharing the moment that publication comes out with a new issue.

Don't get me wrong, I like working on collections, but it's just not as fulfilling. Does this make sense?

eggrush said...

its almost two years since i found the need to write/paint...i aint never submitted my bollocks to no one.. never will..its not about that...some asked..i said yes...some didnt...if its any good in time...the writing/painting...then people will get off on it..if be it...lifes point getting published...if the only fuckers...reading the publications..are those...fuckers...wanting to be published themselves....but im probably wrong...never really looked in to it to be honest...