Thursday, May 14, 2009

Six Months After Departure

Methodology (of Discourse) No. 2

I: Response to Naught:

in nocturnal rallentando of minds unfurled; entangled a vesper
bell; shell enshrouded by dark & longing, rankle diaphragm;

& raw

::a moon is scanned through the eye of the loon,
crux of night‘s mute ray-- not so didactic nor outright

twisted & -un

II: Response to Thought:

cogito ergo sum:

("I" think) enigmatic what mist unraveled before it;
proof of undone, overrun its course
the rippled effect & rigorous pull of lever,

threads unselvedged; a quiver: the conveyor
belt’s magnum opus

the semidetached
& -un--the mind

thus churning the mental grind;
a discordant "I", unfettered

(special thanks to D for inspiration & encouragement!)

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