Thursday, June 11, 2009

Visions of Finality

paint ravens into horizon, come out of view--then into--
do not reflect on endings that have passed, but beginnings that never


they reveled in their elements, or fought against themselves wholly
chiseled into immaculate

quite Fresco

with the threat of historical destruction, wear
of too many years

gracing the same wall


time has come to return to remembrances
with a new wisdom of the setting sun

or the reversal of tides; mend broken glass
& fractured herring bone

[do not tell me the differences between flesh
& pumice

we have rubbed up against
each other too much; revealed

humanistic flaw, only]


your teeth initiated the first speech
the one I saved for my mind when

dire was the need for rhetoric

a crowd gathered
to watch explosions of thought

the danger of
& hope for carnage


--there is nothing left, but nothing is something
worth mentioning

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