Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm afraid of not being interested in anything
Or in anybody
I won't go complaining even to you
Beautiful person
You who I love, who I'll love, who I loved
More than anybody
You who acts like you don't know
Better than anybody

No I never should have brought my hand against
Your person
I should have controlled myself, been more sure
Of my person
Who do you take me for, no I won't say
Anything to anybody
Believe me I'll make you look like a lo-
vable person
Of course, if I tell you all this I don't want to
Hurt anybody
These are the couple of truths that don't
Hurt anybody
Maybe I should have told you them in the third
I realize that I'm quite clumsy
With my person

Never will I love as I loved
My belladona
Yes you cost me the eyes in my head, but
I pardon you
I don't owe and I don't think I've ever owed
Anything to anybody
Never have I gotten along so well
Except for with nobody

-Serge Gainsbourg


Slacky B said...

Did he really write that. It's beautiful.

Matina L. Stamatakis said...

Indeed. Here's another beauty: