Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to ChongDong

Matina Stamatakis' and Carmen Racovitza's The ChongDong Misfits offers up a hallucinatory trip through a nightmarish dystopia that could be now, or could be tomorrow. In five extended prose poems employing W.S. Burroughs' cut-up technique, these fearless authors introduce the reader to the potential of language to shock, amaze and scintillate. “hallucinatory prose-poetry that will have you scraping flecks of DNA from your radioactive vulva nipples quicker than you can imagine Kenji Siratori savagely rimming Benjamin Peret with an LSD-tipped dildo.” —Robert Chrysler author of Every Exit Impossible To Imagine With Wings “A last breathing through synapse tentacles, rich with signals but leaving no trails: puke greens, nicotine yellows, micromanipulation gametes. Motherhood images with no madness. A book like spitout sperm, distant yet material." —Florian Cramer author of Words made flesh - Code, Culture, Imagination

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