Monday, July 21, 2008

If Ever Decked Garlands be I/Your Temple*

ships_____ receive
hands I for you Trojans
I for keeping her

now seized dreams
deed girl without free
bolds displeasure O
ransom, violently lambs
burnt away hot prophet
shallowed assembly
flashed furiously so

_-resounding_-sea quarrel, c-
[have toiled]
now entreating dreams:
_________I for keep
I for battle
“and seized the son
of Peleus by his yellow

Hera: while fray I mule, golden-haired
run withal Mount Mycale
golden land, bore girl, river
O peerless among
them, milky suckling

Zeus: fair skin Nireus three to Thebes
false dreamers dream falsely

“but as yet the end is not in sight…”

*cut-up of Homer's Iliad


Philip Jenks said...

anything i scribe here feels inadequate to the language. i will try, gladly, luxuriate - ever, but note immediate the stun of the image. terrifying beauty.

Philip Jenks said...

o and first line totally in best sense resonates Dickinson, which i mean in the best, non-derivative, sense of lineage.

Robert said...

*bows down to the cut-up master*

you lil fucker/genius :)

you are an artist in EVERY sense of the word (in the BEST sense of the word)

the aesthetic choices are all yours, nobody does "it" like you

astounding, Matina...i so miss your old cross-texting blog...i printed it all up, but i have no access to the hard-copies (break-up shit) :(

Middle Ditch said...

This is beautiful Matina. The words are jus awsome

Middle Ditch said...

I meant 'just'