Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Publications/ Forthcoming

Cerulean Rain

(with Jeff Crouch)


Issue 43 of Xerolage, which is a whole issue dedicated
to my Papyrus-Graffiti images.

Here is a mini blurb by Kane X. Faucher:

Matina Stamatakis has "arrived" even if the rest of the world has been too slow to realize it. Her newest "art/non" textscape is a veritable plum pudding of ruthless extravagance, a cryptological scherzo written in "sanscript", so to speak. Teasing out texture from text, this most recent offering from the Xerolage series has a haunting aspect that unites papyri and the phantom after-effects of words in constant stochastic exile. In essence, Stamatakis "writes" perpetually double, the reflection upon a surface of "lin/geist" that judders with an ekphrastic motion of the cinematic or photographic double-take.

Also forthcoming:

Wheelhouse Magazine (artwork)
Big Bridge (poetry)
Drunken Boat (artwork)
The New Post-Literate (artwork)

Metempsychose (Ypolita Press)

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