Sunday, January 3, 2010

Future Publications

Things have been relatively slow on the new publications front. This is probably due to the fact that I haven't been sending submissions lately. Usually submissions happen in short bursts, then taper off into nothing for long periods of time. I've just come out of the taper-off period.

There is one magazine, I may have mentioned before, called Existere. I submitted a link of five digital images at some point in the summer and had no response. I decided to inquire about the status of my submission just recently. Turns out they never received my submission. So now my submission is under review and I'll hopefully get a response in ninety days--maybe sooner. I wonder if misplaced submissions is a common thing. I was told sometimes e-mails that are sent in gmail get misplaced and end up in spam boxes. I wonder if this is what happened to my submission.

As for forthcoming publications, there are three which sould be out soon--all in print. One is the Visual Poets Anthology, which is run by Crag Hill and Nico Vassilakis, with an editorial board consisting of many big name vispoets. I'm very excited about this anthology and look forward to seeing it in print.

The other magazine is Marcia Arrieta's Indefinite Space, which will feature a dedication poem to Alexander Jorgensen, based around a photograph he had sent to me some time ago.

The last is Drew Kunz' Miniature Forests, which, as I hear, could be the last issue.

Another e-zine, Listenlight, may feature one of my poems as well. Listenlight is a beautifully crafted e-zine with many returning faces. I happen to be one of them, as I've been featured in this magazine twice already. Jesse Crockett does a wonderful job with graphics--it really is not your average venue.

And now for a list of other amazing poetry zines...

Zafusy (defunct)--Jody Porter
Moria--William Allegrezza
Apocryphal Text--Alan May
Fiera Lingue--Anny Ballardini
Dusie-- Susana Gardner
Otoliths--Mark Young
Word for/ Word--Jonathan Minton
Sous Rature--Cara Benson
Sixth Finch

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