Friday, January 1, 2010

A Look Back at Venereal Kittens

I started Venereal Kittens back in 2006 as a collective for writers and artists to share their work. I did not want to call this collective a magazine (or e-zine) for many reasons. One being, the way the blog was set up. Instead of having issues or volumes, VK was free of both. Instead, it was a yearly set-up. No volumes. No issues. It went along on its own and did not demand a set timeframe for submissions and all that other editorial bull that usually goes along with most magazines. Another reason for dubbing this a collective is that I wanted to create something on an artistic "community" level without it being pretentious and snooty. In my mind, a collective sounds more like a group of people and their works, all working together to create, as a whole, a collective body of work.

The first year started out as mainly by invitation only; as many magazines start out. After the first year, I thought about expanding VK's content, adding in-depth interviews on writers/artists who I feel brought something interesting and special to the proverbial table. This proved to be a huge undertaking, and I found myself eventually unable to dedicate my limited time to seeing these lengthy interviews appear in the collective. After the interviews, I thought it was best to just let people submit to me for review, and it's been going like that ever since.

So now it's already 2010. What is in store for Venereal Kittens? Well, expect to see more new and familiar faces. Expect to see the abstract, surreal, disturbing, beautiful, lyric, etc.

Those of you who read this blog, I hope to read your submissions, comments, hate mail, and anything you would like to send my way for review. Here's to a great start for the new year!

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