Monday, September 24, 2007

Dr. Death Doll Set LE

Metropolvorkian Doll LE

Metropolvorkian Doll comes with:

-one pink leopard print dress
--fashionable white genuine leather handbag
--two pairs of high heel pumps,
--one black roller suitcase
--miniaturized copy of the New York Times

Additional Items:

--Dr. Death's signature gray cardigan
--blue-black slacks
--brown loafers
Dr. Kevorkian's Set of Gift Certificates (in set of 10)

Also includes actual-size "Death Machine" with working


Items Sold Separately:

Hybrid Syringe Bottles

$10.50 (per dozen)

Syringe Sampler System


1 comment:

evilmatik said...

I want the whole god damn set!!!

I can probably get his autograph since he is out of jail now. woohoo!