Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Report as Spam (Alt+Shift+R)

ghostwritten as matchless talc--a shrunken vestment of skin--jousting hammocks--fodder then veracitywept-- [plead this]-- plumes--specter has erected--what replanted fumbles--(gentle mastery in flesh--vein--what safety--in sandwich commercials--teflon--Brita--dainty desserts--to ear--removed safety glasses--nail clippers--fingers gone--[boneless chicken]--ten easy steps--flanks--ham strings ocarina--the listened testicle--prayer for the tamandua--gumboil shopgirl likes quiche--long walks--breathy sea urchins--sashay like talipes--planting--fumbling algorithms--debit card debris--flee into the Acid Pop [s]Mother--kittens fuck the up--topsoil on counter--then baaing--sugar-coated with some chocolate man--maybe then some downloadable porn--never use the sweaty--dutifully naked--cold--the code--loathe toast-slabber--detector of green Jolly Ranchers

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