Saturday, September 22, 2007

Staatliches Bauhaus A La La-Z-Boy

a response to Ted Warnell's Poet and the Bauhaus Zipper
pbn: mo'po


Anonymous said...

ha ha
hah hah
ahah ahh ah aha
hahhah aha hah ah a hhah a ha ha!

bauhaus architecture! beauty, matina!



evilmatik said...

looks like a very function and yet comfy chair. ;-)

evilmatik said...

i mean functional...

Anonymous said...


of course
it is furniture,
and not architecture(!)

either way -- it is staccato lovely

¤ ¤ ¤


evilmatik said...

I concur.

Kevin Doran said...

It makes me feel like drinking milk. Can you make one that'll make the viewer shit their pants, or involuntarily sing ABBA?

Matina L. Stamatakis said...

/t.--Thank you! Also, congratulations on having your work in Word for/ Word. For some reason, I see autumn as the theme for your works; must be the colors!

Evilmatik-It is very functional. There's a cup holder on the far right side if you look close enough.

Kev.-I'll give it a try. ABBA...that may be a stretch!